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Financial impact of strike

Since the beginning of the strike

Employees’ earnings lost


Companies’ revenues lost


Producers’ offer vs AMCU’s demand

Producers’ offer of 9%

AMCU’s demand for R12,500

Comparative wages

Mining industry vs non-mining industries
(PDF - 953KB)

Revised offer as at 17 April 2014

Amplats - What the offer means for you in real money
(PDF - 268KB)

Implats - What the offer means for you in real money
(PDF - 412KB)

Lonmin - What the offer means for you in real money
(PDF - 467KB)

FAQ for employees(PDF - 231KB)

Please note that all employee details are confidential.

What employees have to say

  • I want to come to work but when I knock off where will I go, I stay in RDP it does not mean they cant see you when you go to work, what are you saying about our safety.

  • We gonna be safe maybe at work area,what about our homes coz they gonna target us there nd they knw where we r staying, we r not safe totally..

  • I am willing to come to wok but I want to know wether I am safe and how far are we protected.

  • We are scared to come to work people are dying.

  • there was a meeting, the fight will be against those going to work, I want to work but AMCU does not allow us to work, to safe my life I will not go to work, I will not go to work on the 14th where will I go after the strike, give me a way, its  bad

  • when will this end can't the company and the union find another way to end this before it end badly.

  • We are afraid to even sleep now fearing on wat happened 2years ago.

  • This is going out of hand, we want to go to work but how can we do that when we are being threatened and houses being burned?

  • I agree to return to work, provide me with accommodation for the safety of my family so that I can move, I want to work only.

  • I want to go to work but I am scared to be killed.      

  • Employers can you try by all means to end these strike some of us do not like what is happening.    

  • I was chased in the morning while coming to work. I don’t know what to do.    

  • I want to return to work but I am scared                

  • Somebody informed me yersterday that, amcu members will come attack me on my room at night 

  • Dear sir/madam Iam one of people who have been trying to go to work but nw i feel not safe to do it as ma collegue being killed @ I am also staying where evrything its been happening lately so now  i can't continue going 2 work for a while.

  • The situation it so dificult I out of Marikana know safety first

  • I nd goo bk to my work the problems that peopelo iss cam kill m at hom bat i ned

  • I m stay in Wonderkop people blocked workers at Wonderkop stadium, so i dont have chance to past our lives are in danger

  • As my agree that today I will report at work, the situation is very bad, there is no way to go out, the people are marching there out side,I don't know what is happening because I'm from home yesterday night(life/safety first)

  • Amcu is there in Marikana west. I cant go out to work bt I wnt to.

  • Wishing you and our entire management strength and wisdom to see us through this difficult times.A big thank you for putting the safety of non strikers first.

  • Every employee has a right to go to work same as a right to strike but its totally unacceptable for AMCU members to keep on intimidating non-striking workers and workers who want to return to work. The Mine Executive needs to step up and take action against AMCU for intimidating non-striking workers and not letting them exercise their right to go to work due to strike.

  • This campaign of employees to vote on a new wage offer how long is it gonna take if all goes well? We want to come back to work our families are starving and we are in debts. This strike is politically motivated and we as employees are suffering the consequences. AMCU is no longer representing employees interests I mean how can Mathunjwa say he is not happy with the new wage offer without taking it first to the workers? If he was wise enough he could have taken this new wage offer directly to the workers before making his stupid comments so it shows that he is a dictator he doesn't care about our opinions regarding new wage offer. If he was good leader and smart enough he could given us a chance to vote over the new wage offer and I'm not talking about mass vote I'm talking about everyone could have given a chance of voting in a ballot paper. Mathunjwa failed mineworkers because of his uncontrollable ambition of power he is mediocrity.  

  • As the results of the industrial action in our mine I only feel its fair to say that both the company and the Union(Amcu) are violating human rights as this string is not only affecting the mine workers but also the children whom are missing out on their studies, so I feel is time the company starts to show who is the employer here, and they must stop praying Amcu, because ever since Amcu came to our mine, the management have been on there knees, praying this lazy people, I JUST HOPE BY THE TIME THE COMPANY OPENS THEIR EYES THEY WOULD HAVE LOST QUALITY MINERS & SHIFTBOSES, to their Competition cause the mines which aren't striking are hiring & the experienced people whom have years here are talking of retirement since they have been home for months they won't mind early retirement. So its time the management start to act like Qualified Leaders,and lead people the right direction.

  • I am proud that I don’t belong to AMCU I belong to UASA and I just want to go on and work and I hope that the strike end now because it is really unfair what AMCU did to the employees that doesn’t belong to AMCU 

  • Some of us understand and fully accept the latest offer, but it'll be highly impossible for us to convince amcu leadership. We are not even members of this irresponsible union and we have never been.

    It could be in all employees' best interest if management can atleast try to find another alternative of getting us back to work because we will never win over mathunjwa aka "the dictator " by asking him to accept the offer.

    We don't even know when and where they are holding their meetings. It's very difficult for us since that man doesn't listen to anyone, he only tells his members and don't ask them.

    We really need help. Where are we supposed to reply for the smses we've been receiving, regarding this offer.

  • I am tired of the strike because there is no way forward we die with hunger our children are struggling at home. I accept the offer.

  • We are dying of hunger it is 3 months without pay I gave up and went home till when, the offer is right we are hungry.

  • can’t you see these is not a strike it is a fight against the government , you will remember my words. Bring soldiers, don’t say it’s not a fight, soldiers are there to protect the country, they must be all over the place, do route blocks, stop and search we will work and starting afresh.

  • Thank you for that 10 %. Now just spread military the hole of Rustenburg, because we can’t just go to work. Xhosa's cut peoples head you know, please ask Shabangu and Zuma to provide us with soldiers, we want to return to work.

  • Try harder so that we can go back to work it is tough children are not going to school because I don’t have money and debts are increasing I am dying.

  • We are afraid to tell Amcu to that we must go back to work, I need information.

  • I accept the offer put on the table by the employer.

  • I accept the offer but we need protection.

  • We thank you with the 10% offer will come back to work.

  • I don’t know what to say as this strike is politically motivated where was the problem for him to sign the offer, these offer is reasonable we want to return to work.

  • my advise is that you can give us R9000 after tax, the strike will end and there will be no strike like these ever again that destroys our name.

  • Sir, I accept any offer I want to return to work but I am scared to be killed, I am a NUM member, I am well known I could be killed.

  • I have said that if you can give all employees leave so that they can go home they will change their minds when they face their family problems, their wives will give them new ideas, been at the same place, they talk the same language, leave each other like that threatning each other, whilst they are not involved and they are scared ythats why i say give them leave so that when they come back they will be thinking much better, now you have something to eat, we have been on strike for a long time we want to go back to work but we are afraid of people who are on strike. sent us home will come back with better minds or ideas.

  • I want to go back to work, I am dying with hunger its enough and now my children are dying whilst I am there, what is thi?

  • We want to go backt to work, I don’t have anything to eat and the children not going to school its tough

  • this Amcu thing is nonsense, we said from the beginning that the employer must take steps against Amcu, its like these company blongs to Amcu, we are tired with  Amcu

  • Amcu president promised people something that is not there employer must take steps people will come back to work, you must close the kitchen

  • we are dying with hunger whilst you are there employer.

  • My perception is to go back to work, we can negotiate whilst working and the company must give us at least R1500 on top of our salary not taking into account how much you are earning that will be better, I think they will go back to work.

  • I am thankful for your efforts, I am at home, I love my job and accept the offer but there is nothing I can do, thanks

  • I want to work but there is nothing that I can do, I am suffering with these thing of not working,I don’t want to be killed by the people who  don’t want to work, thanks.

  • I am tired, hungry and I want to return to work but our safety is not guaranteed, look for for a place where we can stay, offer is fine.

  • I want to know when will we go back to work.

  • The idea of the company opening the mines and calling employees to decide for themselves is the best one.

    We are being victimised by a person who doesn’t want to see reason and is doing all these for his selfish reasons while he's living a lavish life and we are suffering.

    Can the company just forget about Mathunjwa and call us back we've had enough of all of these. This dictator is ruining our children's future and we can't take it anymore.

  • I am asking that AMCU must stop deducting money from my salary, they are disrupting our lives because they are not telling us the truth that they cannot fulfil their promise, we are now in politics, we no longer speaking money, I can see that we will wait to vote that is when will be going back to work with 9%

  • Employers can you please try that we go back to work, these strike is run by unemployed people. Those who want to work must vote using their clock card

  • Hi why are you quiet? We don’t have hope anymore, that man he is not interested to negotiate. But now we are  NUM members.  Mathunja has killed us. As you know people on HIV treatment & TB have no food because of that guy

  • These strike is Political make a plan so that we can go back to work, we are now NUM members. Do not say these is not a fight, you will not ask for soldiers, bring soldiers so that we can go to work, they say they will go to parliament where will we be? We are asking for your help , people have lost their properties, children are not going to school, our lives are not moving forward, we are held in our homes with a shuffle [shovel]  and a stick, we don’t know how to fight using a shuffle and a stick.

  • I say you must bring soldiers and Police we do not have to listen to AMCU they don’t want to work, it’s us who want to work

  • It is difficult in the sense that I don’t see these fight coming to an end, Ben Magara says 9% while Joseph Mathunjwa is saying 4 years agreement so Employees do not want 9%, they want 10% or 11%


  • I am asking for forgiveness as I cannot come to work, I want to come but I am afraid that I will be killed.

  • Please SA lets wakeup and think , these joseph mathunjwa will cripple our economy and result with a lot of job loses ,please mr president have a good story to tell him as well to convince his people to return to work , half loaf is better than nothing 


  • My plan was that you should bring SANDF not SAPS and if there is a plan to work tell us because we are at home, I am not a member of AMCU I have been a NUM member all along, people want to work but they beaten up by the unemployed

  • I failed to come to work because of AMCU          

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Latest news

FAQ for media(PDF - 365KB)

  • Agreement with Amcu signed

    24 June 2014

    Today, 24 June 2014, the platinum producers Anglo American Platinum Limited (Amplats), Impala Platinum Holdings Limited (Implats) and Lonmin Plc (Lonmin) met with the Association of Mineworkers and Construction Union (Amcu) to sign a 3-year wage agreement that would bring an end to the 5-month strike.

  • Producers reach agreement with AMCU

    24 June 2014

    Long road ahead to the resumption of safe and productive operations
    Return to work now the key focus
    Platinum producers Anglo American Platinum Limited (Amplats), Impala Platinum Holdings Limited (Implats) and Lonmin Plc (Lonmin) are pleased to advise the settlement of the negotiations in respect of wages and conditions of service with the Association of Mineworkers and Construction Union (AMCU). Employees are expected to return to work on Wednesday, 25 June 2014, with the full resumption of operations in the coming weeks.

  • Progress towards wage settlement

    23 June 2014

    AMCU to host mass meeting with members

    Platinum producers Anglo American Platinum Limited (Amplats), Impala Platinum Holdings Limited (Implats) and Lonmin Plc (Lonmin) advise that, following the ‘in principle’ agreement reached last week with the leadership of the Association of Mineworkers and Construction Union (AMCU), further progress towards a return to work has been made. AMCU will hold a further mass meeting with its members today, 23 June 2014, and the companies expect to receive feedback from AMCU after the meeting has concluded. Further announcements will be made in due course.